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IVC: Inner Vortex Cooler

Refrigeration and chip evacuation system

Inner Vortex Cooler is a system patented by 3D Studio Engineering Srl, developed to considerably improve chip evacuation and to maintain constant cooling of the work area, avoiding situations of thermal shock on the piece and on the tool itself, while preserving integrity.
This system is applicable in mechanical drilling, threading and milling operations, without the need to increase the overall dimensions of the tool and in most cases, without the need to replace the tool holder.


Thanks to the thrust of the cooling directly on the cutting edge, the possibility of material accumulation during the entire machining process is eliminated.

Eliminating the articulated pipes avoids the increase in the overall dimensions of the tool, avoiding unnecessary limitations in processing.

Thanks to the particular geometry that characterizes it, the IVC system allows to keep the cooling flow constantly on the cutting edge, thus avoiding thermal shocks and preserving its integrity.

In the case of cooling with compressed air, the cost of production is considerably reduced, significantly decreasing the value of compressed air.

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