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Medical sector

Tools for the medical sector

From the experience of “Ultra Performance” products, which have always been synonymous with high performance and integrated technical consultancy in the industrial sector, “Medical UP Division” was born: a line of cutters for the medical sector.



The main characteristic of Medical UP Division articles is quality, maintained in all phases: in the choice of materials, in the production processes and in pre- and post-sales technical support.
A wide range of items and large warehouse availability allow us to satisfy quickly all requests.

Constant support

The company does not limit itself to supporting its customers only during the acquisition phase, but rather maintains its availability constant for the entire duration of the relationship.

Area Test

Medical UP Division is born, based in Palazzolo S / O (BS): a modern structure dedicated exclusively to tests, demonstrations and training.

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“The Medical UP Division tools were created with the aim of satisfying the needs of laboratories operating in the dental technology sector.

They were developed for milling metals (Titanium and Chrome-Cobalt) and soft materials (PMMA, Zirconia, Composites…)

This is how careful research on raw materials, coatings and cutting geometries, combined with the high quality standards typical of the Medical UP Division brand, has allowed us to create a single line of tools that guarantees the customer the achievement of excellent results in terms of performance and dimensional quality of the parts produced.

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The Inner Vortex Cooler system considerably increases the performance of Medical UP Division tools! Find out more by visiting the page dedicated to the IVC system.

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