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Medical UP Division: Special becomes Standard. A Brand new project, 100% Made in Italy

“Innovation means growth, and to grow means adding value to its partners”.

3D Studio Engineering is a company in constant evolution, and it doesn’t limit itself to a specific sector. Instead, it seeks to bring its knowledge to other production fields from which it can, in turn, draw inspiration for creating new products. For this reason, at the end of 2020, the company took on a new challenge: launching a new brand of milling tools for the dental industry. The following months involved tests, analysis, failures, and successes in collaboration with industry laboratories to gather data for product development.

From this intense work driven by passion and dedication – values that have always defined 3D Studio Engineering – combined with feedback from testing, the new brand Medical UP Division was born, aimed at dental laboratories, clinics, and milling centers.

This new entity is based in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS), where, in an 800-square-meter area equipped with CNC machines custom-built for this project and with a team of specialized technicians, a structure dedicated to testing, demonstrations, and training is taking shape. This initiative aims to provide customers with all the technical support needed to make the best use of “Medical Up Division” products.

Beyond meeting immediate demands for current projects, 3D Studio Engineering aims to be more than just a supplier; it seeks to be a comprehensive partner, ready and available to develop with clients the optimal tools and best strategies for future needs.

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