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For an ever green future

PRINT RELEAF, an American company based in Denver (Colorado), has created the first online platform for planetary reforestation, based on the concept that companies’ printing activity consumes tree cellulose.

ZEROZEROTONER has defined a partnership with PRINT RELEAF and includes in each subscription the possibility of planting a tree for each Ecobox collected.

Thanks to ZEROZEROTONER the company participates in PRINT RELEAF’s reforestation projects and in this way can contribute to reducing the effects that its organization causes on the environment, helping to replant trees in those areas of the planet that most need them.

Heart projects

Through the Solidarity Transport Project of the Val Trompia Municipalities District, our company has contributed to making a new vehicle available which will allow us to help the bodies and associations involved every day in carrying out all the services in the area for the benefit of the Community.

Alone we can do little, Together we can do a lot. (Helen Keller)

Green energy

It’s time to change the way we produce energy

T-Green designs photovoltaic systems for companies in order to make them energy independent.

With a photovoltaic system for your company you allow your business to become more energetically autonomous and take advantage of these 5 main advantages:

  • Reduce energy costs: by installing photovoltaic systems on the roof you give your company the intelligent ability to produce electricity thanks to the sun’s radiation, which allows you to cover at least 60% of your current energy needs.
  • You start saving immediately: once connected, the photovoltaic system for companies is able to generate savings right from the first month, drastically lowering the cost of your energy bill.
  • Respect the environment: renewable energies are not the future, but the present. Equipping yourself with photovoltaic systems for companies, guaranteeing your business a system for obtaining energy from renewable sources, means staying one step ahead and setting a good example for your employees and customers.
  • Resell excess energy: with the “Exchange on Place” – you can resell the energy that you have not self-consumed. Compensation takes place through adjustments managed and paid directly by the Energy Services Manager.
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